Summer’s Here

Hello everyone! Summer’s here. What better way is there to spend the summer than take music lessons? Educate yourselves and your children by taking music lessons. It’ll make the summer pass by more enjoyable and will help relieve that workload tension. Give me a call!

Happy Holidays Everyone !

The year is coming to an end and a new one is soon beginning. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. This is the time to just relax and celebrate with your friends and family so I hope everyone enjoys their time off from work and the business of the season. Hopefully, everyone’s New Year’s resolution will be to learn to play a new instrument! 🙂

On another note, this year’s Winter Recital was a huge success! Everyone performed very well and I am proud of all my student who were able to make it. You guys were fantastic!



Winter Recital

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that this year’s Winter Recital shall be this Sunday, December 4th, at 4:00. All are welcome to stop by and enjoy the lovely music. There shall be both piano and voice students performing. We all worked really hard to prepare this lovely music. 

Hello Everyone!

I’m Valentina Bashindzhagyan. I offer private piano and voice lessons in Manchester, NH. I’m quite experienced in both fields, so if you want to perfect your voice or learn a new skill, please feel free to contact me. You can find more information in the rest of my website. Have a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, having a White Halloween this year was a little crazy. I hope everyone has power back by now and they’re staying warm! I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully, everyone can spend the time with friends and family. Stay safe, and hopefully it doesn’t snow too much!


We’re all back in the classrooms by now. It seems like summer flew by. Although everyone is busy with homework and activities, don’t forget to consider adding music lessons as one of them. Not only do they help a developing child, but it’s also a great thing to add to a college application. So stop by for a lesson today!

Summer Music Lessons!

There’s no better time to take lessons than in the summer! You have a lot more free time to practice, and a flexible schedule allows you to take a lesson whenever it is easiest for you. Music is a great way to keep the mind stimulated for all the kids staying home as well! I’m free all day Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the weekends so schedule a lesson today!